Sunday, September 14, 2008

Video Retail Research

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent time researching the local video rental retail industry; this would include Video Gallery, Blockbuster Video, Video Warehouse, and Hastings. I happened to grab some photos of the stores overall, as well as up close pictures of the different types of display materials. I also interviewed employees with an in-depth survey.
In general there were some consensus issues with the four retail competitors. One of which was placement; at what level the rental was placed in regards to eye level. Another concern was how well the display actually displayed the product. Ease of cleaning the display was also a major concern with retailers. I'm currently in the process of taking this information and developing some innovative solutions.

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Ron Adams said...

Hi Anspa,
Good info from retailers. We would like to hear more about what you learned.

The ability to keep a plastic fixture clean is one of the issues we hear from retailers. It would be interesting to hear your ideas on the subject!