Friday, September 5, 2008

At CVS, alot of the cosmetic displays are shipped from the company for direct installation with the products so that there's little guesswork for the employees. In this photo, it's very easy to tell which products are "Lumene" and where the generic Fragrance Department is even though there is barely any space between the sections. With just a little bit of thought to design and just a few strips of acrylic, the Lumene Brand has made sure that the customer knows where their products are. Accessibility has also been considered because it seems to be much easier to examine one of the Lumene boxes or bottles than it is to ask an employee to carefully extract a box of perfume from the Fragrance case. There should be alot of potential for the use of Spectar in these sorts of display to add pop to a group of products in a crowded area like this one.

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