Saturday, September 13, 2008

Constructing my Spectar Sky Sculpture......

Overall, I haven't had any problems working with the spectar in creating my sky sculpture. A couple of the issues that I did have with it was that when I used a heat gun to heat up smaller sections on my sculpture, the pattern on the gloves that I was using was sticking to the spectar and also the blue fabric from the gloves was sticking onto it as well. This made it difficult to keep clean and continue forming my sculpture. Also on a couple strips of plastic that I heated up, they got way too hot and were like pieces of spaghetti when I tried to form them. the plastic stretched too much and therefore I was not able to use a couple of the pieces on my sky sculpture.

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Ron Adams said...

Hi Stephaine,
YOu might try using a heat gun over the surface of the parts that have the glove imprints. Sometimes, minor scracthes and imperfections can be taken out by heating localized sections of the material.