Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Meeting.

After arriving at the plant, we all met in the Eastman conference room and Kieran Smith ran through the orientation and parameters of the project. In short, our charge is to design and develop merchandising solutions with Spectar co-polyester for enhancing the retail experience for customers.

Gaylon White then presented the design themes we are to pursue, and introduced a special guest who was in town consulting with Eastman...Chuck Pelly, founder of DesignworksUSA. Chuck inspired us on how to communicate and present design through describing and diagramming "The Story of Stories."

The Eastman team proceeded to give us a tour of their facilities where we witnessed sheet extrusion of their Spectar co-polyester and the advantages it has over traditionally used acrylic. We were treated to lunch and Y-Water, the unique packaging of which was a joint collaboration between Eastman and Ives Behar.

We departed the Eastman facilities loaded up with our Spectar sample kits and Y-Water for the road! Many thanks to the Eastman team for their time and hospitality!

Chuck Pelly's "The Story of Stories" diagram and Chad Frazier's CNC/Spectar cut AU currently adorn our studio space back in Auburn.

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