Monday, September 15, 2008

Shedding Some Light on Spectar

This week I spent some time working with and getting a feel for Spectar. I decided to test out the scratch resistant Spectar to see how big of a difference it made in intense heat. The heat caused a pattern like the veins of a leaf to spread across the Spectar sheet and it made a surprisingly nice design on my light sculpture. It was nice getting to test the limits of Spectar and I'm looking forward to applying this knowledge to my design.

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Ron Adams said...

Hi Nathan,
Spectar takes heat and molds great compaired to other materials. Too much heat will cause bubbles, and it can catch fire, as one of your colleges found out!

We haven't explored light transmission in visual merchandising projects. We have spoken to some brand and retail folks that suggest lighted fixtures increas sales by 15% give or take.

Looking forward to seeing your work!