Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coffee Shop Research: Starbucks Co.

I volunteered myself to explore coffee shops, all while observing and asking questions about how they display their products. Starbucks is what I (and many people I know) would consider the unopposed world conglomerate. So it was interesting to see how the "pros" do it. The customer base at Starbucks is love or hate, which leads me to think that the people who go there are half way interested in what the cafe is selling also.

The first thing I noticed was all of the products sold here, perfectly fit the displays they were destined to sell in. But even Starbucks hasn't maximized all of it's space. Ceiling space appeared to be the biggest area to capitalize on. Whether it be the blank high ceilings, or the possibilities of hanging a display just above the cash register, it seemed like free space within reach. I found myself, several times, wandering glances up to the air space above and just staring while friends continued on about their day.

Displays in Starbucks were very warm and "homie" looking so I think it would behoove a designer to incorporate many of the already-in-place aesthetics into a possible concept such as, wood, steel, brick, or a rusted look. This coffee shop would probably be a great challenge to test ideas and displays on since their fan traffic is so large.

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