Sunday, September 14, 2008

poking around with spectar

So far, so good with the spectar. Much better than acrylic... Spectar has been able to take pretty much all of the shapes I've tried. I haven't been let down yet. But I will say it is a little more 'rubbery' than I thought it would be. I expected more of a flimsy material when heated. That is no problem though. I've played around with sanding for a frosted appearance... looking good - and also with extreme heat to gain a slick edge. I've found that unless the edge is already pretty smooth, you're going to damage the plastic with these torches. The ends need to look pretty nice already.

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Ron Adams said...

Hi Alex,
Of courese Spectar molds better/easier than Acrylic. :>)

Frosted look can be obtained in 3 ways- sanding, additives in the plastic or a "matte" finish roller on the extruder.

As far as fire polishing, the edge needs to be as clean/smooth as possible before puting the flame to the edge. Gouges or ridges in the edge don't go away so easy!