Thursday, September 4, 2008

order for the beans

The big guy at locally owned 'Toomer's Coffee' was more than pleased to sit down with us and give some valuable insight to selling coffee from a display's perspective. Mr. Sandy Toomer knows he has a great product - freshly roasted coffee every day of the week. He wants to see displays that can stretch his inventory. Sandy says that the ideal displays would only be two coffee bags deep, and stretched up, down, and across the wall. He wants to let customers think he has a lot, even if the truth is a bit different.

We also hit 'Cambridge Coffee' (a not so local company) and they, to our surprise need a little help. They have little space in their store and obviously need some organizational help. With merchandise sprawled on the counter tops to a tower of disposable lids just inching ever closer to covering floor... we have a great opportunity to collaborate and solve a problem.

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