Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wrapping up the semester...

The enjoyable semester has come to an end, but it most certainly was full of interesting challenges for each of us.  This new way of looking into retail forced me to look into areas that would normally be bypassed in the retail space.  By taking a closer look into these troubled areas, it helped me to notice just how many patterns and trends that seem to follow the retail environment.  I developed both of my concepts by looking at these trends and finding new ways to simplify them and make them more efficient.

Spectar enabled me to step outside of the normal materials and their limits to basically "reinvent the wheel" in grocery related displays.  Many of the cuts, stresses, and deep draws on the vacuum forming machine could not have been done with any other plastic material.  Spectar really helped to put the product first!

Thanks again to the Eastman crew for working with us this semseter!

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