Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eastman has been a very mind-stimulating sponsor and one that has given me a lot of portfolio material. My first design was manufactured to create a display that interacts with customers shopping for coffee. The reason for the rhyme is simple: display as much coffee as possible. Engineering a display that models that simple principle also generates a distinctly Hi-Viz experience, while serving the purpose dictated by our user research.

On my second concept, the idea to build a multi-Purpose display came as a solution to the problem of small cluttered coffee shops that do not have a lot of room. This innovation gives way to 3 Hi-Viz avenues. First, a display of coffee bags; Second, the center for coffee condiments with milk and sugar; Third, a coffee machine/espresso marketing tool. All of these traits achieves a valuable Hands-On affect.

In closing, I want to thank Eastman for their time and effort. I valued everyone's input especially Gaylon, Ron, Farrell, and Adia.

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