Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In conclusion....

The following concept is the display I developed over the past 15 weeks, the SmartCard Kiosk. It is an attempt at solving the issues that come with shopping for greeting cards.

I incorporated Spectar as a way to make the cards become more visible to the customer. The system works with a touch screen computer database which features each card on display, using RFID chips.
Spectar was also used as a way to help the customer visually understand that the computer is connected to the cards on display.

When you have found your card on the screen, there will be an LED light at the slot which directs you to it (see right). This system, I believe, provides a speedy, yet pleasant shopping experience for the customer, as well as a helpful organization tool for the employee stocking it.

During the semester I was challenged with the question, "Why not acrylic?" Fortunately, I was able to reseach and test in order to answer that question. It would be wise to note that acrylic did indeed crack on the very first heat-bend.

I would like to thank the entire Eastman team for giving our studio this unique opportunity. This semester has been a work load, but was very well worth the outcome.

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