Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The picture to the right is a rendering done in Rhino of my final re-design for drugstore security bars. Spectar really helped re-invent the space so often unnoticed by bringing a designed elegance to what was once a necessary eyesore. I also used the area for graphics and advertisement by making a basket to hold the weekly sales circulars that come in the newspaper and posting an aisle floorplan on the actual security bar with notifications of sales around the store to encourage shoppers to look around.

Well this semester has definately not been one for slackers. There were some long nights that turned into slow days and some quick switches that sometimes threw routines off but we all survived. It was a good experience to collaborate with a real-world client and have people depending on our deliverables. We weren't just working for our own grades or portfolios, though that was a big focus that drove our work quality, but we also had promises to keep and concepts to deliver. On our way back from our visit to Kingsport, I had no idea that the semester would unfold this way. I learned alot about designing for real problems found through research and development and also got a crash course in a pretty useful 3D program so I'd say the semester didn't turn out half bad.

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