Tuesday, December 9, 2008


First of all I'd like to thank Eastman for the opportunity they gave us to work with them. It was a long process but in many ways it resembled the real world of working in design. This project help me understand alot about clients, deadlines (in how they never are fixed), and the expectations of a designer. So thank you.

My first display which dealth with a overhead display that was named "skyline" by eastman dealth with candy bars being displayed by an overhanging spectar dispense system that was on a self-checkout. My goal was to create an Hi Viz atmosphere. Using the transparency of the spectar the overhead or “skyline” display is able to create an atmosphere of candybars without having a cluster feeling. Each self checkout has two skyline display systems with an chip display on the side. The customer is able to interact directly with the display through the dispence system. Its placement will allow it to be highly visible without blocking “air” space.

In my second design my plan was to make an universal display for all types of free standing self-checkouts.This display is meant to be universal for all free standing checkouts. Its clarity allows for the product to be the a portion of the graphics of the display. The screen is an eye catcher the make the customer spend a little more time at the checkout where their attention is on the product. The camera is in the center of the display and is highly visible to “prevent” instead of catch.

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